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Grill hacks for beef, pork & poultry


Grillhacks Fleisch Grillen
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Grilling your way

Marinate, garnish, inspire! With our recipes and lots of tips and tricks, your barbecue summer will be unique. Discover the diversity of barbecuing with Kotányi - 100% natural and genuine in flavour.

With these three grill hacks you can achieve juicy steaks, perfectly grilled burger patties and excellently seasoned skewers. This is how you bring grilled meat perfectly from the grill to the plate.

Grill-Hack # 1: Grill meat with the fish tongs

To prevent grilled meat, sausages and skewers from sticking to the grill, it is best to grill them in fish tongs. This is also ideal for vegetarian fried foods such as grilled cheese. Because meat and the like are fixed in the fish tongs, you can turn several pieces at once and lift everything off the grill together. Our tip is to marinate pork fillets and then roll them into snails and skewer them. These grilled snails keep their shape in the fish tongs and end up perfectly rolled on the plate.

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Grill-Hack # 2: Ice cubes for the burger patty

From now on you no longer have to serve dry burgers, because with this tip your burger patties stay wonderfully juicy. Press an ice cube into the middle of the patty while grilling, then the meat in the middle will cook a little slower and will be ideally done when it ends up in the burger bun. By the way, lamb is a great alternative to beef and gives your burgers a very special taste.

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Grill-Hack # 3: Spice brine for meat fish and skewers

With a spice brine you give fish, seafood and poultry a particularly intense, spicy taste. These not only absorb the aroma, but also water and remain tender and juicy when grilled. Simply mix herbs such as spearmint and spices such as Chili Birdseye with water and plenty of salt. Stir vigorously so that the salt dissolves well. Then place your roasted food in the spice brine for at least eight hours, preferably overnight. Depending on your taste, you can also experiment with rosemary, thyme, tarragon, lemongrass, dill, spearmint, lemon pepper, ginger, chili and other spices.

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We have more grilling hacks for fish, poultry and vegetables as well as great barbecue spices and barbecue recipes for you. For more tips, recipes and interesting facts about spices, you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. Have a look!