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We're definitely in love with gingerbread: Discover all kinds of hacks and learn how to become a master of gingerbread!

There are hardly any spice mixtures that are as symbolic of the Christmas season as those for gingerbread. Its scent sparks nostalgic feelings – and the smell of it immediately takes you back to your childhood. That’s why this year we’re dedicating ourselves to this unique type of biscuit. But don’t worry, even if you’re not the biggest fan of gingerbread, we have a lot more in store for you.

Gingerbread and its history

Why is gingerbread called gingerbread? What makes it so special? How to make it extra tasty? We’re trying to find out.

Pressure test

The pressure test helps you find out whether the gingerbread is done or not: Once it looks good, press gently on the dough with a finger. If the dent remains, the dough still needs time. If the dent disappears immediately, you can take the gingerbread out of the oven!

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Smooth edges

If you want to build a gingerbread house, the edges must be nice and straight and fit together well. If there is anything that needs to be corrected, simply use a fine grater.

Gluing together the gingerbread

Don’t skimp on the icing when you glue the parts together! Pour the icing into a baking bag or make a piping bag out of baking paper. When you glue the pieces together, hold them first and then support them with jars or other utensils. Let the icing dry long enough.

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Proper storage

To soften the cooled gingerbread, store it in a tin – during the first week, place the lid loosely on the tin to allow air to reach the gingerbread. Add lemon or orange peel or half an apple to the gingerbread, peel side facing down. This makes for a great taste and a juicy bite. Change the peels/the apple every two days.

No gingerbread here

For all those who don’t really enjoy gingerbread, we have compiled a list of our Christmas evergreens. The finest taste with guaranteed success!

Build your own gingerbread house

How to make wonderful gingerbread houses out of homemade gingerbread: our simple instructions in just a few steps with a printable template!

KOTÁNYI TIPP: Your own gingerbread mix

Gingerbread can be so versatile! Adapt our honey gingerbread spice mix to your own taste. Try it with chili or vanilla!


The playlist for your Christmas bakery

To get you in the mood for baking, we’ve put together the most atmospheric hits for biscuit and gingerbread baking. Have fun!

How to make your Kotányi Potpourri

Because Christmas can be experienced with all your senses: with many of our winter spices, you can put together a beautiful potpourri – a fragrant blend that creates a festive scent.

You don’t have to use all the listed ingredients, simply adjust them to whatever you have at home.

2-3 apples
2-3 oranges/tangerines
2 tablespoons cloves
1 handful cranberries
Essential oils of your choice
Simmer over a low heat on the stovetop, refill water as needed.