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Grilling your way

En Ich Grill Wie Ich Will 100 Prozent Natuerlich

Time to fire up the barbecue! Show your guests what you've got and how versatile barbecuing can be.



Whether you’re having a small and quiet BBQ or a proper big one – as long as you celebrate its diversity and focus on 100% natural and genuine flavours. We’ll show you all the amazing ways of barbecuing. Because with Kotányi, anything is possible.

Garden Party or Grill Date

Is it time to invite your entire family to a barbecue party? Or do you want to host an intimate grill date for two? No matter how many guests you expect – we’re here to help you out with lots of tips, good ideas, and practical checklists.

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BBQ Pro or Newbie

Grilling is said to be a skill. But with the right attitude and the best advice, even beginners can impress. We’ve compiled these in our comprehensive grilling basics. If you’re already experienced at the grill, click through our recommendations for BBQ pros and ensure an unforgettable fine dining experience!

Charcoal, Gas, or none at all

Some swear by charcoal for grilling, some by gas. We asked the pros how these two methods differ. And one more thing: even if you don’t have a grill, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the grill fun. With good tips and the right seasoning, it always tastes good!

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Steaks & Ribs or 100% Vegan

No matter what kind of food you prefer to grill, there is only one rule: grill it well! With the right tips and products from Kotányi, nothing stands in the way. Read how to grill meat even better and find great inspiration for vegan grilling.

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Small Guests or Great Elegance

Whether it’s fun and games for kids or a sophisticated atmosphere for adults – what’s important is that everyone feels comfortable. Find out how to tastefully decorate your party or enrich it with entertaining games here. And: we’ve also taken care of the right music.

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Drinks, Salads, or Sauces

What do you like best about barbecue parties? A wide selection of exciting salads? Fine dips and sauces? Or a refreshing drink accompaniment? We love the whole package – and have made sure that you’ll never run out of ideas.

Impress or outshine

Those who follow our tips will definitely do both! Even if you think you know everything, there’s always something new to learn. Here you’ll find some special grilling hacks you might not have known about.