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Grilling without a grill


Grillen Ohne Grill Cover Min
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Grilling your way

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Grilling is one of the favourite pastimes during the summer months. But not everyone owns a grill or has the space to set one up. Today, we would like to prove once again that the passion and joy of preparing something is much more important than the equipment. We will therefore give you an idea of three ways in which you can create the typical grilled taste without fire or coal.

Smoking like a pro

Smoked chips may sound like a crunchy snack, but they’re an efficient way to add a healthy dose of grilled flavour without a real grill. You need smoking chips or smoking flour and a smoking gun or a table smoker. When you smoke meat or fish with it, an intense smoke flavour is created that is very close to the taste of grilled food. Admittedly: This method is complex, it requires a certain amount of experience and skills – and you need a lot of equipment. The enthusiastic ones among us will definitely be very satisfied.

Grillen Ohne Grill Smoker Min

Cheers to the grill pan

Another very easy way to achieve the grilled taste all year round is to use grill-like cookware such as grill pans or contact grills, or to use the grill function in the oven. These methods make it possible to create typical grill stripes on meat or fish, thus achieving a similar appearance to outdoor grilling. However, the whole thing has one disadvantage: the typical grill flavour is falling by the wayside.

Truly smoky spice

Even simpler, but really effective: the right seasoning ensures that you get the characteristic grilled taste even without a fire. Liquid smoke or smoked salt or smoked pepper, for example, work really well – they give the dish an intense smoky flavour and create a taste similar to that of grilled food. In combination with a grill pan, you can achieve very authentic results.

As you can see: If you’re passionate about the taste of grilled food, then with the right tricks you can get by without a grill. Because passion is more important than equipment!

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