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BBQ for two


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Grilling your way

Marinate, garnish, inspire! With our recipes and lots of tips and tricks, your barbecue summer will be unique. Discover the diversity of barbecuing with Kotányi - 100% natural and genuine in flavour.

Who says a barbecue can't be romantic? We present you with inspiration for a barbecue party for two. On this page, we've collected everything you need to prepare. By the way, you can of course do it without the romance. Then it just tastes good.

Small setting, nice atmosphere

How many people does it take to organise a barbecue? We are convinced that two is enough. If the whole thing is just right: a warm evening with good music, a cosy spot in the fresh air and, of course, delicious food. We’ll help you make your barbecue date a complete success.

One rule of thumb right from the start, though: if you want to spend a cosy barbecue evening in a relaxed atmosphere, don’t take on too much. Limit yourself to a few dishes that you can whip up without too much effort. After all, you don’t want to spend your BBQ date constantly stressed out in the kitchen or sweating at the barbecue.

What you should still think about

Even if you only want to organise a barbecue on a small scale (for example, for two people), there are a few things to consider. We have developed a checklist to help you keep track of everything, so that your BBQ dinner is a complete success. You can access it here and, of course, print it out.

Choose your menu

It’s clear that you want to make an impression. With our help, you’re sure to succeed. We’ve collected all our recipes here, which you can use to put together your perfect barbecue menu – from flavoursome salads to creative barbecue dishes, including dishes other than sausages, chops etc. There’s guaranteed to be something for every taste.

Choose a maximum of three different dishes for your barbecue date. Concentrate on good marinades, one or two fine salads and good drinks in advance. Because it’s the all-round experience that counts.

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Choose your barbecue spices

We wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t rave about the best spices for barbecuing. Click through our range and have a closer look at our highlights. And this is a general tip for your BBQ for two!

Cool drinks. Perfect atmosphere.

Not only does your food on the barbecue need to taste good – a nice evening also needs good drinks. We have some inspiration for good drinks for you: this time we present refreshing non-alcoholic mocktails.
Another thing to consider: it’s all about the atmosphere! We have created a blog post on atmospheric decorations for barbecues. You can also use many of them on a smaller scale. Even if it’s just the lighting mood, which always plays an important role.

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The right grooves

A little music creates a relaxed atmosphere. And makes the food taste that little bit better. So: put your Bluetooth box outside and get the groove going. If you don’t know exactly what to play, we’ve put together two playlists for you: “Grill-Easy” for unobtrusive, laid-back background music or “Smoky Flavours” for a little more jazz and soul.



We wish you a wonderful evening!

Are you looking for inspiration for a big barbecue party or a small professional dinner where you think outside the box? Even if you’re not that experienced at barbecuing yet, we have some good tips for beginners.

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