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A feast for the eyes – decoration tips for the barbecue


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Grilling your way

Marinate, garnish, inspire! With our recipes and lots of tips and tricks, your barbecue summer will be unique. Discover the diversity of barbecuing with Kotányi - 100% natural and genuine in flavour.

A barbecue is not just about what ends up on the plate. What is also important is what it looks like around the plate. To ensure that your barbecue is not only a feast for the palate, but also for the eyes and heart, we have collected some decoration tips for the garden and balcony. Get inspired!

Everything according to your style

We don’t want to limit ourselves to one style of decoration in this blog post, because every party should be as individual as you are. Therefore, the following tips are universally applicable – regardless of whether you lean towards the country house or Boho aesthetics or prefer minimalist design.

Let there be light

Let’s start with the most important thing: light sets the mood. Few things impact the ambiance of an (evening) barbecue party more than the lighting. Therefore, it’s wise to address it early on, whether you plan to enjoy a delightful time on the balcony or in the garden. We suggest investing in atmospheric fairy lights—they make up half the charm. From subtle wire lights to retro fairy lights with small LED bulbs, there are plenty of options. The choice of light colour is important because ideally you bathe the environment in a warm white light.

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You can create a lot of magic with battery-powered light-wires: for example, place them inside a glass vase before adding flowers. You can also create a safe “campfire” with the subtle fairy lights. Simply place firewood in a bowl, wrap light wire around the wood and place them on top – and the fire is ready and no one can burn themselves on it.

Candlelight BBQ

Of course, it doesn’t just have to be artificial light sources that set the mood. You can also focus on candlelight – and thereby create a romantic atmosphere. How about a renaissance of the floating candle? Fill flower vases with water and then place the floating candles inside. If you don’t like that, take old jam jars, wrap them with jute twine or lace and tea lights in them.

These jars not only look good on the table, but also around it: Tie the jute twine tightly around the neck of the jam jar and attach a kind of handle to it, which you can use to hang the jar on a tree. Place a small candle or (safer) an LED tea light in the jar. Hang as many of them as possible and delight your guests with a tree of lights! There are also jars that come with a sturdy suspension system.

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Decorating naturally

Aside from the right lighting mood, we also love the use of plant-based decorations – so that the table and company blend in beautifully with nature (and yes, if you only have a balcony, then bring nature to you!). In the warm season, you don’t necessarily have to rush to the nearest flower shop to add floral accents: delicate, colourful flowers and grasses that you pick from a meadow on the morning of your celebration are completely sufficient. You can also use old jam or preserving jars for them, which you wrap with jute fabric or paper ruffles – even jars without labels make good DIY vases. By the way: Try upcycling our spice jars – we’ve written down how to turn them into cute little vases here.

You have a few empty jars of your spices? Use them as a vase at your barbecue. We’ll show you how you can easily make them yourself.

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Basically: the greener, the better! Is there any space left on the table? Fill it up with plants. It doesn’t matter whether you place colourful flowers or ivy and eucalyptus branches in the middle of the table.

Herbs make you happy

Of course we love herbs and spices – otherwise we wouldn’t be Kotányi. But we think that they not only taste good, but also look pretty and decorative. Rosemary and bay leaves, for example, are ideal for decorating napkins or place cards: attach a branch or leaf to a rolled napkin with jute twine and your guests will be drawn into the theme as soon as they arrive.

Video napkin folding

The big barbecue is coming up and you still need decorating tips? All right, we have the perfect instructions for folding napkins to cleverly wrap your table cutlery.

Use what you already have

Especially when you are organizing a garden party, you probably already have a lot of things that can serve as a decorative function. Do you have a wooden ladder? Then use it as a coat rack or as a holder for blankets when it gets cold later. Do you have large buckets or – even better – an old wheelbarrow? All of this can be an eye-catcher and an outdoor refrigerator at the same time. Put your drinks in the glass chest and fill it with cold water and regularly with ice cubes.

Our decoration commandments

When we bundle our recommendations, one main essence remains:

  • Make sure there is something going on overhead. Bunting is suitable for parties during the day, while fairy lights or lanterns create a beautiful atmosphere in the evening.
  • Let nature take place on the table: Set plant accents, tie a few small bouquets of meadow flowers, enhance napkins with leaves and herbs. Use inconspicuous, transparent glasses – colourful tinted glasses would distract too much from the rest.
  • Spread out a tablecloth! A little fabric on the table has a big impact!
  • If you add colour accents, stick to one colour scheme. Unless you’re organizing a children’s party – things can be colourful there too!
  • Don’t stress yourself out too much about decorating! It’s better to concentrate on less – and relax more.

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