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This is how you grill meat even better


Fleisch Richtig Grillen Kotanyi
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Grilling your way

Marinate, garnish, inspire! With our recipes and lots of tips and tricks, your barbecue summer will be unique. Discover the diversity of barbecuing with Kotányi - 100% natural and genuine in flavour.

Just in time for your next barbecue, we explain to you the best way to marinate meat and place it on the grill. With these tips you can serve steaks, chops & co. tender, juicy and perfectly seasoned.

The spice comes before the fire

Maybe you know this: When it comes to grilling, everyone knows better. Whether it’s about lighting, the ideal heat or the right seasoning for the steak. So that no one can fool you, here are the best tips to put the meat on the grill like a grill master.

Grilling actually starts the day before you let the steaks sizzle, because you should prepare marinades early enough. If you don’t know much about marinades and the natural taste of your steak is the only thing for you, you are best advised to use a mixture of salt and black pepper. To do this, roast the aromatic grains on the grill in an aluminium bowl for about a minute, then crush them roughly and mix them with salt. This simple seasoning is a classic and highlights the flavour of the meat. Incidentally, grill masters argue about whether you should salt the meat before or after grilling.

Fleisch Marinieren

The perfect barbecue marinade

For all, who like it spicier or like to add extra flavour to their meat with sauces, an aromatic marinade is the best choice. The perfect marinade can be prepared in no time, but there are a few points to keep in mind. The most important rule is: There is no salt in the marinade, as this would remove the juice from the meat. Instead, mix oil (preferably rapeseed or sunflower oil) with a little ground pepper and herbs such as garlic, marjoram, thyme, chili or a barbecue spice mix. There are hardly any limits to your experimental mood; you can also try it with curry, beer or mustard.

It’s best to leave the meat in your marinade in the fridge for a whole day, but even just a few hours will give your grilled food an excellent flavour and make it nice and tender. Before you put the meat on the grill, you should definitely pat it dry of the marinade. Herbs burn quickly over the fire and quickly make the meat taste a bit burnt. An exception to this is rosemary: poultry in particular gets a delicious, resinous taste when grilled with a sprig of the herb.

Grillen Temperatur Messen

Not too fast from the grill to the plate

When the meat is patted dry and on the grill, the optimal grilling time is important. But this is not easy to determine. This is also because everyone prefers a different cooking time. Better than cutting with knife is piercing with a temperature sensor – you can get one for less than ten euros. Measured at the thickest part, beef is medium rare at just under 60°C and well done at 70°C.

Very important: Under no circumstances should you serve the meat immediately after grilling. If you cut the steak straight away, the juice will run out on the plate and the meat will taste dry. To keep the steak juicy, it’s best to place a preheated pot or roasting pan next to the grill. Let the meat rest there for about 5 minutes – preferably a little longer. Now is the time to salt the meat and put it on the plate.

If you like to find out more about the variety of grilling, have a look at our recipe collection for the most tempting recipes for your barbecue.

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