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Charcoal grill and gas grill in comparison


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Grilling your way

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Buy a charcoal grill or a gas grill? This is probably the question most people ask themselves before buying a new grill. We'll show you the advantages and disadvantages of both grills. We'll also give you a few professional tips for your next barbecue!

You are thinking about buying a grill? Before you can get started with your summer barbecue, you first have to decide: gas grill or charcoal grill? This discussion is even more heated among experts than the steaks sizzling on the grill. To make this decision easier for you, we have summarised useful information on the topic in this article.

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Indirect grilling

The smoky grilling flavour of the charcoal grill actually comes from the fat that drips into the coals. This fat fire brings with it the typical roasting that we all know. Which lighter or coals you use has no effect on the taste.

The most technically sophisticated way to grill is indirect grilling anyway – and you can do this equally well with a gas and a charcoal grill. When grilling indirectly, the food isn’t placed directly over the heat. The coals in the charcoal grill are arranged on the sides so that they only give off the heat indirectly to the meat in the middle. In addition, when grilling indirectly, the lid is closed, which extends the grilling time, but the meat remains tender and juicy. Since no fat drips into the embers, there is no difference in taste between charcoal and gas grills. In general, there are no dishes that can only be prepared on one grill or the other: everything can be done anywhere and each type of device has equal rights in preparation. But how do the different grills differ from each other?

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The effort required for preparation and cleaning

If you want to start grilling right away, you can get started faster with a gas grill. It only takes about 20 minutes for it to reach the right temperature. Things are a little different with a charcoal grill: it takes up to an hour from lighting the coals to the ideal embers. With a gas grill, the grill master decides when the meat is put on – with a charcoal grill it is the coal.

When it comes to cleaning, both types of grills are the same, but it takes place at a different time. The charcoal grill is cleaned after barbecue. This takes place under the grill surface, but you can make the work much easier by using a strong grill foil. The gas grill, however, must be cleaned before grilling. You should remove the rough traces of the last barbecue evening, but a grill needs a certain patina (burns on the surface of the grate) that gives your grilled food its great flavour, so you don’t have to be too thorough.

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Grilling means organization and fun

In the end, choosing a grill is a question of faith. Good organisation and attention to detail are more important for a successful barbecue. Accessories can make your work easier and help you to save time. Small pans are ideal for grilling mushrooms, for example, and you can also place them on the table as a warming plate. Fish tongs are perfect for cooking several asparagus at once – they can be turned with a single movement. And you can also prepare vegetables on a warming rack.

In our blog, you will find even more tips for grilling with meat. And in our recipe collection, we have the best recipes for your barbecue.

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