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Bake for the Stars

What really makes Christmas the best time of the year? We’re sure that the wonderful smell of festive pastries is one of the main reasons.
If you’re looking for Christmas baking inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place!

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In this year’s recipe booklet, put together the best cookie recipes for you – from Austrian Vanilla Crescents to Cinnamon Stars, a variety of recipes are waiting to be discovered.

Download the recipe booklet here for free.


A Santa made of the finest brioche dough is always a welcome Christmas guest: with this recipe, you have control over how Santa looks. No matter the look, he’s guaranteed to taste delicious!

Lp Brioche Nikolo

Bourbon Vanilla Sugar

Bourbon vanilla beans stand for an unmistakably delicate sweetness. It is also ideal for all kinds of creamy desserts!
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Lp Mürbteigkekse

Shortbread Cookies

The classics in the Christmas Bakery are without a doubt fine shortcrust cookies in all shapes and sizes. These are also fun to make with children!

The finest Cinnamon

Make your shortbread cookies extra special this Christmas with a dash of Cinnamon. It's one of the most popular spices of the season for a reason!
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Chocolatey Polo Cookies

Chocolate at its finest! Delicate chocolate cookies with a creamy filling bring delicious chocolatey joy this holiday season.

Lp Polo Kekse

Ginger for a Festive Kick

Ginger makes up most the unique flavor of Christmas. Make your spiced cookies even tastier with our delicate organic ginger.
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Lp Vanillekipferl

Classic Vanilla Crescents

Like snow in winter, these classic cookies should not be missed this season. Make your own wonderfully crumbly crescent cookies with our simple recipe.

Tasty Essential: Bourbon Vanilla

Sweet and aromatic — pure Bourbon vanilla pods from Kotányi are guaranteed to enhance every Recipe with the finest flavor.
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Honey Gingerbread as Good as Grandma's

The exquisite taste of Christmas: with a delicious combination of most festive spices, the first bite of honey gingerbread never fails to ring in the season. These cookies surely shouldn’t be missing from any seasonal cookie platter.

Lp Honiglebkuchen

Honey Gingerbread Spice Mix

Enjoy the aromas of Christmas. Our Honey Gingerbread is an especially tasty seasoning mix made with aromatic ingredients such as anise, coriander and cinnamon.
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Christmas with Kotányi

Discover our selection of festive recipes & conjure up an unforgettable Christmas meal in no time!

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