Cloves, Whole

Only a small quantity is needed for a full flavor. This is due to the bold and aromatic, slightly bittersweet flavor of cloves, as well as the high essential oil.

Gewuerze Muster beige braun Bg

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One spice fits all

Sweet and sharp: The intensely aromatic and slightly spicy flavor of cloves makes them perfect for many dishes. Compotes, baked goods, mulled wine, meat, rice dishes and stews all taste wonderful with the aromatic flavor of cloves.

Less is more

Cloves work wonderfully with pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise. Because of their intense flavor, cloves should only be added in small quantities. If added whole, they should be removed before serving.

auf einem Teller angerichtetes Rotkraut mit Kartoffelnliegende Nelken

Quality you can see

Aufschneiden von Rotkraut

We store and handle our cloves away from sunlight and constantly carry out quality checks. This not only preserves the lush red-brown color of the cloves, but it also locks in the essential oils that give cloves their wonderful flavor.