These tasty hot dogs with fruity salsa are perfect for any summer party.

Hot Dogs with Fruity Apple Salsa

3540 Min

OK, admittedly, hot dogs and apples probably sounds like a strange combination at first. However, even if you're not convinced at first that they go together, just one bite will persuade you otherwise. Sometimes the strangest of combinations come together to make something delicious. Curious? Then get the grill fired up.

Ingredients 4 Portions

  • 4 pcs.Hot dog buns
  • 4 pcs.Barbecue sausages, long
  • 5 pcs.Pickles, large
  • 2 tbsp.Oil, neutral
  • 1 tbsp.Mustard
  • 4 tbsp.Crispy Onion
  • 1 tbsp.Grill Barbecue Spice Mix
  • Ketchup to taste
  • Mustard to taste
  • For the apple salsa

    • 1 pcs.Apple
    • 0.5 pcs.Cucumber
    • 1 pcs.Onion, red
    • 3 pcs.Sprigs of cilantro, fresh
    • 1 pcs.Lime


  1. 1

    First prepare the marinade for the sausages. Mix together the oil with the Barbecue Seasoning Mix and some mustard. Then coat the sausages with the marinade and allow to infuse a little.

  2. 2

    Meanwhile, finely dice the apple, cucumber, the red onion and the cilantro. Mix all the ingredients together and season with the juice of a lime.

  3. 3

    Cut the rolls or hot dog buns lengthways (but don't cut all the way through) and heat on both sides on the grill. Thinly slice the pickles.

  4. 4

    Cook the sausages on the grill then fill the hot dog buns with the salsa, pickles and the sausage. Finally garnish with crispy onions, ketchup and mustard.

Sophie Skutzik
Sophie Skutzik

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