Cumin, Ground

So aromatic. So versatile: Kotányi Cumin is great with soups, stews, pulses, cabbage, lamb, curry, cheese and yogurt-based drinks.

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India and beyond

Cumin is aromatic, sweet and spicy with a pungent, bitter taste, making it perfect for Indian dishes such as curries. Its sharp aroma is perfect for vegetables, stews and fish, as well as for poultry and pork dishes. Cumin has many different names in other languages.

Cooking with cumin

Cumin tastes wonderful with garlic, chili, paprika and onions. Due to its intense flavor, less is definitely more when it comes to seasoning with cumin. The seeds can be lightly toasted to neutralize their slightly bitter flavor.

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Quality you can taste

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We take great care when handling our cumin, making sure it’s packaged in such a way that the natural ingredients and full flavor are perfectly preserved. This ensures that none of the essential oils are lost between our factory and your kitchen.