Juniper Berries, Whole

Superb seasoning! Kotányi Juniper Berries with a wonderfully aromatic and slightly sweet taste. Their flavor combines beautifully with marjoram, rosemary and other herbs.

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Culinary berries

Juniper berries are a wonderful spice, and not just for game. The slightly resinous, warm and sweet flavor of aromatic juniper makes the perfect addition to meat, offal, pickles, marinades, soups and sauces.

Using juniper berries the right way

Lightly crush juniper berries before adding to your food. The wonderful aroma of the berries is at its strongest when they are soft on the inside. The berries can be removed before serving.

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Strict quality checks

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Juniper Berries must be dried at low temperatures to ensure they don’t lose any of their natural essential oils.