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What should not be missing at a successful barbecue party apart from high-quality barbecue food and happy guests? Exactly. Delicious salads. They are a refreshing addition to the barbecue. Here are some Mediterranean inspirations.

Bring on the salad – it’s something we look forward to at every barbecue party: in addition to bread, good drinks and sauces, a salad is the perfect accompaniment to hearty barbecued food – whether meat, fish or vegan. Because fresh ingredients are simply a must and emphasise the diversity of barbecuing. We have salad recipes for every taste – today we present three of our favourites.

Strawberry and radish salad with burrata

In summer, we like to explore Mediterranean recipes that make us feel like we’re on holiday. Our strawberry and radish salad with burrata, for example, is a real flavour bomb. You combine the sweetness of fresh strawberries with the sharpness of local radishes and add the finest ricotta for an unrivalled creaminess.

Grillen Blog Salat Erdbeer
Grillen Blog Salat Brotsalat

Mediterranean bread salad with ricotta

Bread is not just a side dish. It can also play the leading role in a salad. It is an excellent flavour carrier, adds a lot of crunch to the dish – and last but not least, you can also use up leftover bread. The distinctive flavour of fresh rocket is combined with fluffy ricotta. The overall result is a colourful feast that will transport your taste buds straight to the Mediterranean.

Potato salad with a twist

There is no doubt that potato salad is a classic barbecue salad. Our recipe also gives it a Mediterranean twist – because in addition to the potatoes, artichokes, olives, parmesan and sun-kissed sun-dried tomatoes set the tone here. An exciting dish that is sure to be the star of the salad plate at a summer garden party.

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