Star Anise, Whole

A sweet, aromatic flavor similar to licorice, and a vital ingredient in Chinese and Indian cooking: Kotányi Star Anise, the perfect spice for a range of dishes.

Gewuerze Muster beige braun Bg

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Taste the stars

Star Anise tastes just as wonderful as it looks. It adds a sweet, warm and aromatic flavor to baked goods, punch and liqueurs, as well as to spicy dishes such as curries, soups, sauces and all kinds of Asian dishes.

Seasoning with star anise

Star Anise can be used whole, the points can be broken off to use the individual seeds. You can add the whole star to give your culinary creations a truly appetizing look, but they cannot be eaten.
Backutensilien, Mehl, Eier und TeigGetrockneter Sternanis in einem Glas

Our Care Plays a Starring Role

Waffel auf einem Teller mit Schlagobers und Kirschen

To ensure that our star anise reaches you in a near perfect condition, we process this spice with particular care. This guarantees that our star anise finds its way to you in the kitchen with its signature points.