Pepper White, Ground

Expertly ground, with a mild, spicy kick. White Pepper from Kotányi adds an aromatic flavor to your dish, with a slightly spicy kick.

Pfeffer Muster schwarz Bg

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White hot

The understated flavor of White Peppercorns lets other spices take center stage in your dish. Yet its pleasantly intense heat can still hold its own. It adds wonderfully balanced flavor to poultry, fish and white sauces such as béchamel.

Cooking with white pepper

To bring the maximum flavor to your food, peppercorns should be ground immediately before use or sprinkled straight from the airtight packaging. White pepper adds a beautiful heat to your dish without significantly changing the overall flavor.

selbstgemachte Pizza mit Feigen und Prosciuttoliegender weißer Pfeffer

Our quality promise

Pfeffern von Feigen

The flavor of white pepper is hugely impacted by the time at which it’s harvested, as well as correct handling and storage. Our strict quality standards make sure you only receive premium-quality products.