Curing Salt

Curing meat makes it last longer. Curing Salt from Kotányi protects against microbial spoilage, makes the meat look fresher and adds an aromatic cured flavor.

Salz Muster grau Bg

You can't season without salt

Salt enhances the flavor of any dish, and can be added during cooking or at the table. The wonderful flavor of table salt is especially suited to meat, vegetables, fish and seafood.

The right time to add salt

As a general rule, salt should be added to food as late as possible. This is because the liquid reduces during cooking, so you might end up making your food too salty if you add it too early on. This is why salt and pepper are best for serving at the table.

salted fish in a white boxSalz in einem Schüsselchen mit Löffel

Seasoned professionals for over 140 years

Steckerlfisch am Grill

Since 1881, we’ve strived to make sure your dishes are seasoned to perfection. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality salts, from shimmering blue salt from Persia and sea salt from the Adriatic coast to orange Himalayan salt from Eastern Pakistan.