Coriander, Ground

Nutty, mildly aromatic, sweet yet sharp. Kotányi Ground Coriander adds a sweet and sharp taste to your food, with delicate notes typical of Oriental cuisine.

Gewuerze Muster beige braun Bg

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A flavor of Asia

Coriander seeds have a nutty, aromatic flavor with a sweet yet sharp kick. Their flavor is especially well suited to Asian and Central American dishes such as soups, baked goods, vegetable dishes and stews.

Roast for a stronger flavor

To release the wonderfully intense aroma of the seeds, toast them briefly in a dry pan. Make sure you move the pan around so the coriander doesn’t burn. Allow the seeds to cool before grinding them or crushing in a pestle and mortar.

Koriander mit Limetten in einer SchüsselKoriandersamen auf einem Hozlöffel

Not just any old coriander

Koriander, wie er zerschnitten wird

We take great care when selecting our coriander suppliers, ensuring they meet our strict criteria for cultivation, storage and transport. Only then can the herbs and spices go into our airtight packaging.