Caraway, Whole

It's not just the essential oils that make caraway a culinary sensation — it also has a wonderfully bitter, pungent and unmistakable aromatic flavor.

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A Viennese classic

Caraway is widely used in traditional Austrian cooking. Its bitter, aromatic and earthy aroma lends itself well to goulash, roast pork, soups, potato and vegetable dishes. Its bold, warming flavor is also ideal for desserts and bread.

Ground or whole

Caraway can be used ground, chopped or whole. If you want the intense flavor of whole seeds without the risk of biting into one, place the seeds in a small linen bag or reusable tea bag and simply remove the bag before serving.

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We're passionate about quality

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Caraway typically contains up to 5% essential oil. We take great care to make sure our caraway retains a high content of these essential oils and an intense flavor.