Bay Leaves, Whole

Full of flavor, just as aromatic, but less bitter: Kotányi Bay Leaves release plenty of flavor during cooking and add delicate, aromatic notes to any dish.

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The leaves of champions

Whether in soups, on kebobs or in fillings for meat and fish, bay leaves add refreshing flavor to any dish, with a slightly bitter note. In ancient times, bay was used as a symbol for glory and honor. And today, the spice is a key ingredient in European cuisine.

A kitchen hero

Bay leaves only start to release their flavor during cooking, which can make it difficult to gage exactly how much you need — so it’s best to use them sparingly. You can also break the leaves up to release even more flavor.

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We don't rest on our laurels

Lorbeerblatt in einem Gulasch

When it comes to our bay leaves, only top-quality products make it into Kotányi’s airtight packaging. This packaging preserves 100% of the valuable essential oils in our bay leaves.