Light grilling

Real grilling with a delicate twist

Add variety to your grill with vegetables, poultry and fish. Our seasoning mixes with refined flavors are just the culinary shake up your grill has been waiting for.

Grill Vegetables

For perfect vegetables straight from the grill — and it’s not just for vegetarians. Fine herbs such as rosemary, thyme and basil bring the taste of the Mediterranean to your grilled vegetables. Also great with grilled cheese and vegetable bakes!

Gemuese MoodKotányi Grill Gemüse in Streudose

Grill Fish

This seasoning mix is a well balanced blend of herbs and exotic spices that will bring out the beautiful natural flavor of fish. It’s also great for seasoning calamari, shrimps or mussels.

Grill Fisch MoodKotányi Grill Fisch in Streudose

Grill Poultry

Paprika gives poultry a wonderful color, while a perfectly balanced blend of herbs and spices beautifully complement the natural flavors of the meat. This seasoning mix from Kotányi will transform your poultry into a taste sensation.

Hühnerkeule am GrillKotányi Grill Geflügel in Streudose