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Experience the Joy of Grilling

Whether on a balcony in the city, a terrace or a campfire site in nature – the pleasant smell of barbecue in the air brings back memories of mild summer evenings with a hint of adventure. Tried-and-tested recipes, useful grilling tips and more are all centered around one thing this barbecue season: honest flavor.

Barbecue Spices for more Variety

With our barbecue spices, you can bring a variety of flavors to the grill this summer: Whether steaks, chops or hearty marinades for spare ribs – our spice mixtures make your grilled food even tastier.

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Spice Mixes for Sides

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a salad or a potato lover: With our spice mixtures made for unforgettable barbecue moments, even side dishes become real stars – no matter where they’re prepared.

Spices for Light BBQ

A rainbow on the barbecue: fish, vegetables and poultry gain a deliciously hearty flavor thanks to our special spice compositions – a firework for your tastebuds and a feast for the eyes.

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BBQ Pro in a Pinch

Turn a fun barbecue into a complete culinary success: Whether at home or on the go, with meat, fish or a colorful grid full of vegetables – we have collected the best tips and tricks for you from preparation to serving.

Aflame for Sweets

Barbecue and sweets? It works! Many people don’t even know how perfect the grill is for preparing sweet delicacies – now even those with a sweet tooth won’t leave the cookout empty-handed.

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