Pink Berries, Whole

The beauty of creative cooking. Whole Pink Berries from Kotányi may not bring the heat, but they make up for it with a mild, fruity and sweet flavor.

Pfeffer Muster schwarz Bg

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A feast for your eyes and palate

Whether you use them as a spice or a garnish, Pink Berries take your food to the next level. Sweet and aromatic and without the trademark peppery heat, these vibrant red fruits are perfect for white sauces, fish, poultry, vegetables and sweet treats such as chocolate. But these aromatic berries are no replacement for black pepper.

Whole or crushed

Pink Berries only release their full flavor when crushed, pounded or ground. But if you’re using them for decoration, they can still be eaten whole.

Lachs Steaks in der KühlthekeRosa Beeren Teaser Image512x512

Quality you can see

mit Gewürzen marinierte Lachssteaks

The vibrant color of our Pink Berries is a mark of their high quality, as the bright-red shell is extremely sensitive. We handle them with the utmost of care to avoid damaging this natural product and its color.