Organic Oregano, Crushed

Unmistakable Mediterranean flavors: Crushed Oregano from Kotányi. Wonderfully aromatic and bitter, rich in essential oils — a classic flavor in Mediterranean cuisine.

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The taste of Italy

Oregano is a great way to bring the flavors of Bella Italia into your cooking. Warm, aromatic and slightly tangy, this traditional Italian spice is particularly well suited to pizza, pasta, meat, fish, seafood and sauces.

Sail away to the Mediterranean with oregano

Oregano slowly releases its full flavor, so should be added early in the cooking process. This means it works especially well in sauces, fillings and stews. Dried oregano has a much more concentrated flavor than fresh oregano, so should be used in smaller quantities.

Schneiden von Oregano mit einer Schereliegender Oreganozweig

Our promise

Gaszpacho mit Oregano gewürzt

We handle our oregano with the utmost of care to make sure this beautiful Mediterranean herb doesn’t get damaged on its way to your kitchen. Uniform pieces with almost no dust or stalks — you’ll be able to taste the difference!