Organic Marjoram, Crushed

Carefully selected bold, aromatic organic marjoram: harvested, processed and packaged to the strictest organic standards — just like all organic herbs and spices from Kotányi.

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Little leaves of sunshine

When crushed, marjoram leaves release an intense fragrance with floral, spicy, sweet and warm notes. This herb from the sunny mountain slopes adds outstanding flavor to meat and fish dishes, soups and sauces, and Mediterranean dishes.

Cooking with marjoram

Despite what you would expect, marjoram actually becomes even more aromatic when dried. To allow the flavor to develop fully, marjoram should not be heated. Instead, add to your food shortly before serving.

aufgeschnittener Braten mit Majoran bestreutliegende Majoranzweige

Trust is good, knowing is better

Familie beim Essen

Marjoram needs plenty of sunshine and a warm climate to develop the finest aroma and the highest possible content of essential oils. To make sure you’re always getting a premium-quality product, Kotányi sources all of its marjoram from suppliers that meet its strict criteria, and checks every single delivery.