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Organic Mills

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Discover Organic — Straight From the Mill

Like all of our herbs and spices, our organic products are always of the highest quality and have the best flavor. 100% organic — grown and packed according to the strictest guidelines, our mills, pouches and cans always do their job: Providing great taste.

Fresh green leavesFresh pepper plant
Organic black pepper in a wooden spoonTxt1 At Bio Mill Pfeffer Schwarz Min

Black Pepper Made "Green"

A grind of organic seasoning to refine your dishes! Our Organic Pepper is certified according to the strictest requirements for that familiar Kotányi quality that adds that finishing touch to countless dishes.

Organic, Naturally: Organic Rainbow Pepper

Variety and sustainability to spice up your dish. Decorative, environmentally friendly and unmistakable in taste, our Organic Rainbow Pepper mill does it all.

Organic rainbow pepper in a wooden spoonTxt1 At Bio Mill Pfeffer Bunt Min
Organic mediterranean herbs in a wooden spoonTxt1 At Bio Mill Kräuter Mediterran Min

Climate-Friendly Kotányi Herbs

Like all of our Kotányi organic products, the thyme, basil and other herbs in our Mediterranean Herbs mills have been grown and processed using environmentally friendly methods — for quality that does everyone good.

Heat that Does the Climate Good: Organic Chili with Sea Salt

Extremely versatile — now available in our organic range! Our Organic Chili with Sea Salt is a must-have in any kitchen — because a pinch of sustainability does everyone good.

Organic chili in a wooden spoonTxt1 At Bio Mill Chili Salz Min

Add an Organic Touch to Your Meals

Delicious chicken skewers spices with our organic herbs.

Have you ever tried chicken skewers and Mediterranean couscous seasoned with Kotányi Organic Herbs? It will make the recipe a sustainable treat that’s good for both you and the environment.