NoveltiesOrganic Chili with Sea Salt

Feel the heat: Kotányi Organic Chili spices things up sustainably and with that familiar premium quality.

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Heat, the Organic Way

Our Organic Chili with Sea Salt is a must-have in any kitchen — it’s extremely versatile, and a pinch of sustainability does everyone good.

Playing with Fire: Cooking with Chili

The fruity and fiery flavor of chili works wonderfully with garlic, cumin, ginger, tomato and vanilla. But don’t forget: Not everyone can take the heat, so be careful when seasoning with chili.

wie grüner Chili geschnitten wirdliegende Chilischoten

Hot on Quality

am Markt angebotene Chilischoten

In our factory at Wolkersdorf near Vienna, we go to great lengths to make sure all our chili products meet our strict quality requirements and conform to the specified level of heat.