Pepper Green, Ground

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schwebende grüne Pfefferkörner

Less heat for a more aromatic flavor: The unripe berries of the pepper plant, also known as green peppercorns. Try them for yourself with Kotányi Ground Green Pepper.

The mild one

Green peppercorns are the mildest variety of peppercorn, with a more subtle heat. They’re most recognizable by their fresh and herby aroma, which adds a sophisticated flavor to roast meat, white meat, fish, marinades and sauces, as well as to vegetables and even desserts.

Cooking with green pepper

To really maximize the flavor of green peppercorns, add whole and cook for a long time. Cooking in liquid will soften the peppercorns, and you don’t need to remove them before serving.

Bagel mit Frischkäse, Lachs und grünem Pfefferliegender grüner Pfeffer

Quality is always in season

Pfeffer Gruen Verwendung 1 Copy 2

To ensure we’re always offering you a premium-quality product, we carry out regular checks to make sure our green peppercorns are being cultivated and stored under conditions that meet our high standards.