Organic Rosemary, Chopped

Carefully selected aromatic, bitter organic rosemary: harvested, processed and packaged to the strictest organic standards — just like all organic herbs and spices from Kotányi.

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A trip to the coast

Rosemary has a wonderful pine-like, resinous and aromatic flavor that’s similar to juniper. It adds a powerful flavor to fish, chicken, grilled food and Mediterranean dishes. The bitter taste of rosemary also works wonderfully in sauces, roast meat and ragouts.

The intense aroma of rosemary

The dominant flavor of Rosemary goes well with garlic, thyme and salt. But rosemary can be fussy in its choice of seasoning partners. Dried rosemary has a much more concentrated flavor than fresh rosemary, so should be used in smaller quantities.

Fächerkartoffeln mit Rosmarin gewürztliegender Rosmarinzweig

From the Mediterranean to your kitchen

Fisch am Grill mit Rosmarin gewürzt

The lush green color and uniform size of our chopped rosemary tells you just how wonderfully aromatic its flavor will be. At Kotányi, we package our herbs in such a way as to preserve 100% of their flavor — so only the best-quality rosemary reaches your kitchen.