Lovage, Crushed

Only a knife tip of Kotányi Gourmet Lovage is needed to bring out the full flavor during cooking. It has an intense aroma reminiscent of celery and mirepoix.

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Give your soup some flavor

Lovage is a traditional ingredient in mirepoix, making it a staple in traditional beef soups. The aromatic, bitter and celery-like taste of this herb makes it the perfect choice for stews, potato dishes, chicken, salads and sauces.

Every pinch packs a punch

Because of its bold flavor, it can be difficult to determine just how much lovage you need. It retains its flavor even if cooked for a long time, so should be used sparingly. A knife tip is generally sufficient.

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Color as vibrant as its taste

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Our lovage is handled and dried with the utmost of care to preserve 100% of its intense flavor and lush green color. Our products undergo regular checks to make sure only premium-quality products make it to your kitchen.