Dill Fronds, Chopped

Perfect for fish! Kotányi Dill Fronds are dried with the utmost of care and release their slightly sweet flavor as soon as they come into contact with oil or water.

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Freshness in the tips

The intensely fresh and slightly sweet flavor of dill fronds is typically paired with salmon, but it also makes a wonderful addition to other types of fish and seafood, as well as vegetables, salads, cucumber, rice and potato dishes, herb butters, soups, sauces such as tzatziki, and preserves.

An ensemble of aromas

The delicate aroma of dill comes out beautifully when combined with mustard, vinegar and honey. Dill butter makes the perfect accompaniment to fish and steamed vegetables — simply mix the herb with room-temperature butter, then refrigerate.

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We care about your flavors

Salat mit Dille garniert

Our Crushed Dill Fronds release their flavor as soon as you combine them with water or oil — perfect for salads or soups. We dry our dill with the utmost of care to preserve the full flavor of this natural product.