Chervil, Crushed

Finely crushed, carefully dried, slightly sweet — Kotányi Chervil. Soak briefly to release the full fresh flavor.

Kraeuter Muster gruen Bg

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The exquisite taste of France

With its slightly sweet and fresh taste, chervil has a similar flavor to anise and fennel. It’s best suited to French dishes, omelets, salty yogurt-based foods such as sauces, lamb dishes, vegetables and stews.

Getting the best flavor from chervil

Chervil rapidly loses its flavor when exposed to high temperatures, so should only be added briefly before serving. Briefly soaking chervil releases the full fresh flavor into your sauces and herb butter.

grüner Smoothieliegender Kerbelzweig

A treat for the eyes too

Abfüllung von grünen Smoothies

We handle our chervil with the utmost of care to lock in the full flavor of this delicate herb. This meticulous care means Crushed Chervil from Kotányi makes your dishes look as special as they taste.