Cayenne Pepper, Ground

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Kotányi Cayennepfeffer gemahlen im Brief
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Kotányi Cayenne Pepper is a popular choice of spice thanks to its delicately smoky, slightly bitter and super-hot flavor — and because it tastes great in so many dishes.

The slow burner

Chilies are known for their unmistakable heat. But fiery chilies also have a fruity and slightly sweet flavor, which varies between the different varieties. Chilies are a great choice for seasoning fish, meat, vegetables and stews, but their aromatic flavor also works well in sweet foods such as chocolate.

Playing with fire: cooking with chilies

The fruity and fiery flavor of chili works wonderfully with garlic, cumin, ginger, tomato and vanilla. But don’t forget: Not everyone can take the heat, so be careful when seasoning with chili.

wie grüner Chili geschnitten wirdliegende Chilischotenaufeinander liegende Chilis

Hot on quality

am Markt angebotene Chilischoten

In our factory at Wolkersdorf near Vienna, we go to great lengths to make sure all our chili products meet our strict quality requirements and conform to the specified level of heat.