Fiery meat

Grilling is a passion

Fiery flavors for the grill: These seasoning creations add the perfect hearty flavors to grilled meat: from smoky-sweet to bold and aromatic.

Grill Magic Dust

Turn your barbecue into a magical moment with Magic Dust from Kotányi — one of our most popular seasoning mixes, with a skillful blend of herbs and spices for perfectly flavored grilled meat. With paprika, smoked chili and cayenne pepper.

gewürzte Schweinsripperln auf dem GrillMagic Dust Shadow
Fleisch auf dem Rost wird überprüftGrill Smoked Shadow Edit

Grill Smoked

Smoky, spicy and slightly sweet — essential grill flavors! That’s why barbecue fans love Kotányi Grill Smoked — a fine mix of smoked paprika and garlic. Ideal for beef, pork or fish.


Grill Barbecue

A mouthwatering thrill for your grill. A delicate balance of herbs and spices from Kotányi Grill Barbecue including pepper, paprika, garlic and much more to give meat an irresistible spicy kick.

Augsburger und Gemüse am GrillerKotányi Grill Barbecue in der Streudose
Steak am GrillKotányi Grill Kotelett in der Streudose

Grill Chops

For the most tender, juicy grilled chops. With mustard flakes, coriander, onions and salt, plus a palm oil coating to lock in the delicious meat juices.