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5 tips for food cravings


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Do you know the feeling when you have an uncontrollable craving for chocolate or chips? You then search for anything sweet or salty that you have stored in your pantry. We're talking about cravings, and everyone has experienced them at some point. Why do cravings occur, and what can you do about them? We'll tell you in this post.

How do cravings develop?

The emergence of cravings involves specific regions in our brain. For example, when we are stressed, these brain regions recall memories of certain feelings we had while eating specific foods. The reward centre activates, essentially demanding compensation. If we frequently give in to this craving, it can lead to an intensification of cravings.

Additionally, humans are naturally programmed to need fatty and sweet foods for survival. The behaviour that ensured the survival of early humans now unfortunately manifests in the accumulation of excess weight. Now, let’s move on to the tips.

Tip 1: Water

Cravings can also arise from not drinking enough water. If the desire for food overwhelms you, try reaching for a glass of water. Observe – your craving for unhealthy food may disappear after just a few minutes. Often, the craving turns out to be a result of dehydration. Warm (careful, not hot!) beverages also help curb cravings. According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, warm water doesn’t need to be metabolized and cleanses the body. Additionally, you can take a hot bath for relaxation.

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Tip 2: Movement

Exercise helps our bodies reduce stress. Stress often leads to uncontrolled appetite. When we engage in regular physical activity, our bodies release endorphins, the so-called “feel-good” hormones. This can help keep your cravings in check. Additionally, you’re benefiting your overall health and immune system by staying active.


Tip 3: Plan ahead

Plan your meals in advance. In the daily work routine, regular eating can be challenging. Creating a weekly plan for your office meals allows you to control what you eat. There are many ideas for meal prep and healthy office meals that provide your body with essential nutrients. Make sure to include protein as it has a satiating effect and reduces appetite. Prepare your office meals the day before. The next morning, a quick reach into the fridge, and you’re ready for the day. Moreover, a protein-rich breakfast keeps you full for a long time, preventing those annoying cravings from arising in the first place.

Tip 4: Sleep

Did you know that sufficient sleep reduces the release of appetite-stimulating hormones? Those who get little sleep or are constantly sleep-deprived tend to experience more frequent cravings. Try to establish a sleep routine. Turn off your phone in the evening and, if possible, avoid watching TV at least an hour before bedtime. Artificial light keeps us awake longer, and our bodies can’t relax. When you are well-rested, you are also less susceptible to stress. The amount of sleep needed for an adult to be well-rested varies from person to person. As a guideline, seven to nine hours of sleep per day is generally recommended.

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Tip 5: Spice it up

Spice away the cravings. Yes, there are various spices that have a positive impact on our appetite. Take cinnamon, for example. Ceylon cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels, targeting those fat deposits. A special remedy against cravings is turmeric. In addition to curbing your sweet tooth, it also aids digestion. That means your metabolism gets a boost with this all-rounder.

So, the next time cravings strike, try out these tips. Observe yourself in situations where you reach for sweet or fatty foods due to those cravings. Then, devise strategies to outsmart the little hunger devil in your brain.



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