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Pouch Relaunch

Pouches Full of Flavor

Better structure, a more sustainable concept, a good feel and larger writing: The new design of our signature pouches is here and looks great! The packaging will continue to ensure that the freshness and aroma is retained for a long time – as always, our herbs and spices are in good hands.

Saving 70 Tons of Waste

Thanks to our innovative packaging, we can save an entire layer of plastic. And with it, a lot of plastic waste. By leaving out a single layer of plastic, we can reduce the packaging waste by over 70 tons. That’s roughly equivalent to the weight of 50 cars. Or half a blue whale – and that’s a substantial amount!

A Kotányi pouch with the new design.

Spectacular Inside and Out

Even if the packaging has changed – you can rely on the proven quality of our herbs and spices. The strictest quality controls and our highest of standards ensure that this will never change.

Discover Our Colorful Variety of Products

Things have also changed on our website: the product pages of our herbs and spices now offer even more useful information. Super straightforward: You can view the back of the signature pouches online, discover recipes and find great tips for using the products.