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Bye bye, BBQ – Use of grilled leftovers


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Grilling your way

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When the grill has cooled down, the guests have gone home and the big clean-up has begun, large amounts of leftover food often appear. But grilled food is also fun the day after the barbecue party: today we're devoting ourselves to creative use of leftovers.

There’s an old rule: It’s better to offer too much than too little. Because no one wants a barbecue party to end because of empty plates. If something is left over, that can also be an advantage. No matter whether it’s garlic bread, grilled vegetables or grilled meat: we have collected a wide range of inspiration for you on how to use up leftovers.

Savory salads

Probably the easiest way to use leftovers from the barbecue party is to make a big salad out of them. There are three good reasons for this: Firstly, you can use everything for it. Secondly, you can enjoy your grilled food in a completely new world of taste. And thirdly – let’s be honest – it doesn’t hurt to have something refreshing on your plate after a barbecue party. So: Simply cut grilled meat, grilled cheese, grilled vegetables and the like into small pieces, mix with fresh vegetables (cucumber, tomatoes, leaf lettuce), mix a dressing made from honey, mustard, salt, pepper, vinegar and oil, refine the salad with it and enjoy. Pro-tip: You can also cut leftover garlic bread into small slices and add it to the salad. The result is an Italian-inspired bread salad. Mmm!

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Pleasure between slices of bread

If there is mostly meat left on the serving plate, we recommend that you cut or tear it into small pieces, marinate it with a little barbecue sauce and your favourite spices and then combine it with caramelized onions, tomatoes and lettuce leaves to make a pulled-style burger. It doesn’t have to be just pork, though – this sandwich works with any meat you have left over.

If you’re starving, you can also combine your leftover sandwich with coleslaw, the American cabbage salad. To do this, you shred white cabbage, salt it and let it steep, then mix it with vinegar, mayonnaise, sour cream, sugar, salt and pepper.

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Make sugo from it!

You don’t come up with this idea straight away – but once you try it out, you’ll be looking forward to it on the day of the barbecue: We’re very passionate about making a spicy sauce from leftover chops (if you’re keen to experiment, this also works with other leftover meat), then turn it into lasagne or simply serve it with pasta.

To do this, we cut the leftover meat as small as possible and fry it together with the onion until it has roasted. We then add finely chopped root vegetables (carrots and celery are important), stir in some tomato paste and let everything fry. We season with bay leaf, thyme, paprika and pepper, deglaze with red wine and then pour in tomato sauce. The more patience you have when simmering, the better the grilled meat sugo will be. Use it like classic Bolognese sugo when making lasagne. Don’t forget the green salad! Bon appétit!

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The rebirth of garlic bread

Garlic bread is often miscalculated at barbecues – which is why it can easily be that there are several ready-made baguettes waiting in the bread basket at the end of the evening. Garlic bread generally doesn’t the longer you let it sit. Unless you make very special dumplings out of it: we call them garlic cheese dumplings.

All you need is hard garlic bread (or any other white bread – but we love the garlic taste) cut into small cubes, soaked in milk and mixed with onion fried in butter. Take a spicy cheese of your choice, grate it coarsely and mix into the mixture. Add eggs, fresh herbs and some flour (the more, the harder the dumplings will be) and season the mixture with salt and pepper. Flatten spoon-sized portions and fry in hot oil on both sides until golden brown. You can enjoy our garlic bread creation as a soup garnish or simply with dips and salad.

So, it’s wise to buy more in the future to ensure there’s enough left over for the next day!

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