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Proper storage: Where to keep your spices


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We all have a place where we store our spices. But are they in good hands? Here you can find out how to enjoy them for as long as possible!

Of course, it is essential to buy high-quality spices (in this blog post we deal with this topic in detail) – but since you usually don’t use them at once, storage is also important. You only need to follow a few tips to preserve the flavour, colour and character of your spices.

Three big enemies: air, light and heat

Before we get to specific recommendations, let’s briefly note when your spices don’t feel comfortable. There are three specific situations that damage their quality: When they are not kept in an airtight container, when they are exposed to direct light or when they are in a too warm climate. All of these can affect the essential oils in the spices, resulting in a loss of flavour and quality.
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Hide & seek

Although you may like to brag about your large spice collection, it’s much better for them if you keep them behind closed doors. So it’s best to keep them in a cool, dark place in a cupboard, drawer or your pantry – away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as the cooker and oven.

Simply leave them in the spice pouch

At Kotányi, we had a few things in mind when we developed our spice pouches. Used correctly, they ensure that your spices stay fresh for a long time. If you open the pouch and fold it over several times on the upper side after using the spice, the contents remain protected from light, moisture and air. You can also leave our spices packed in glass jars, tins or bags. However, make sure that you store them in a dark environment.
If, for visual or organisational reasons, you want to put your spices in other containers, then choose opaque glass containers with airtight closures. You can then label them – and be sure to include an expiration date.

Keep an eye on the expiry date

Even if you don’t always pay attention to them: Of course, spices also have an expiry date. Over time, they lose their intensity – which means that you might add large quantities to your dishes, but the taste won’t change much. A simple trick to check if your spices are still fresh is to simply smell them. If the scent is weak or barely present, it might be time to replace the spices for the sake of flavour.. You should also part with the packet if lumps have already formed or if the colour of the spice has faded. It’s also important to mention that expired spices are not dangerous for your health, just most likely less tasty.
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Putting your spice collection in order

Most of us have our own system when it comes to arranging our spices. The rule is: any order is better than no order. You can sort your spices by type (spicy, sweet, refreshing, …), by cuisine, by frequency of use or even by alphabet. It’s best to put the spice letters into a suitable box without a lid and arrange them upright next to each other. If possible, make a regular inventory of your spices: The ones you haven’t used for ages, you might want to pass on to friends who might want to experiment with them.

Storage no-goes

Many people believe that spices keep for a long time in the fridge. In reality, the opposite is true. The humidity causes the spices to clump together, and they are no longer usable! The only exception is Paprika.
Storing spices directly above the cooker may seem practical at first glance, but it is not at all ideal because of the heat and the rising vapours.
Even if there is a lack of space, you should never store several spices in one tin. Their aromas will dissipate, and their character will be lost.
If you follow our tips, you will see: A little attention to storage can make a big difference in your cooking. So give your spices the treatment they deserve and enjoy the perfect seasoning in every bite! Here are our recommendations for using spices.

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