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A little shopping guide: How to find good quality spices


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Besides the main ingredients for your dishes, it is spices that make the difference. In this blog post, you can read about the best places to buy spices and how to spot quality right away.

There are many ways to buy spices: either quite simply in a supermarket or specialist shop, directly from the producer, at the farmer’s market or online. No matter where you shop, it is always important not to buy the first product that comes along, but to always take a closer look.

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In the shop

The supermarket is probably the most convenient way to buy spices. You typically can rely on the pre-selection, there’s room for comparison, and you usually have the most important spices in front of you. There is one brand we can recommend with a clear conscience (we won’t tell you which one, of course) – look for the best-before date if possible and take a package that you can use for as long as possible. The likelihood is highest in a busy supermarket where products are frequently replenished.
Occasionally, there are also specialist spice shops or smaller delicatessens that offer a wide selection and can help you with their expertise.
Go for small quantities to ensure freshness – especially if you are buying special spices that you don’t use on a daily basis.
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At the market

Markets are a paradise for foodies! At authentic markets, at their best, you’ll experience an abundance of aromas rising from spice stalls, vibrant colours and a hustle and bustle. But beware – just because it looks good doesn’t always mean it’s the very best: famous markets and those popular with tourists tend to rely more on visual appeal than actual quality. So, remember to always do a quality check at markets.

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How to easily notice quality

As already mentioned, you should not buy spices blindly, especially at markets, but take a closer look at the goods. It should be perfectly fine for the vendors to provide you with a small sample. The equipment you need for testing is always with you: your own senses. With packaged spices, you can at least rely on your eyes, sometimes your nose. Just go through the following questions.
Does the spice smell good? Spices should smell intense and natural – if it smells close to nothing at all, the spice is probably older.
Does it have a nice colour? Vibrant colours are also indicators of quality. Paprika should possess a bright red, saffron fiery orange, dried herbs more green than grey.
Is it dry? Spices should always be dry and therefore very free-flowing. Moisture can cause mould!
Does it taste intense? Do a taste test with a minimal amount of the spice.
Does it convince you?
Is the spice available whole? If you are looking for the longest possible shelf life, it is better to use whole spices. Processed in a spice grinder or with a mortar, the taste will definitely convince you.
If you follow our tips, you will hopefully buy spices of the quality you want. However, this is only half the battle. Read our little guide on how to store your spices.

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