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Alcohol free delight: our favourite mocktails


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Cocktails are the highlight of the drinks menu and will wow your guests - whether at a Christmas dinner or a barbecue. But do they always have to be made with alcohol? Not at all! Today we introduce you to our favourite mocktails.

Cocktails are always about enjoyment. Some are refreshing, some awaken the taste buds with their tangy sweetness, others stimulate with their bitter flavour. What also counts is their appearance – because when it comes to the variety of drink creations, it’s all about pleasing the eye! All this is also possible without alcohol: although the drink is then no longer called a cocktail but a mocktail, it is still a creative liquid masterpiece. Our spices give them additional complexity.

Why at all?

In a world where conscious eating is playing an increasingly important role, mocktails cut a fine figure. They eliminate the alcohol factor, but still provide complex enjoyment. And of course for a clear head. Mocktails can be enjoyed by all guests and can easily be served during the day. This makes them particularly interesting for garden parties with barbecues at lunchtime. Another advantage: you can enjoy many more of them. Why not try all of our favourite mocktails right away!

The classic: Virgin Mojito

The mojito is one of the best-known mixed drinks – an exotic drink that is said to have been originally invented in Cuba. We leave out the rum that was used to make the drink in Havana. Instead, we use dried and fresh mint and fresh limes.

Mocktails Mojito
Mocktails Blueberry

The playful one: blueberry twist

Summer is the time for blueberries. That’s why we’re dedicating a special drink to it that refreshes and delights. The blueberries join forces with tangy lemons and are accompanied by dried rosemary, among other things. The result is a mocktail with the flavour of a lemonade. Ideal for children!

The summery one: Sleek Watermelon

Watermelon is simply part of the warm season. Simply cut into slices, spooned straight from the rind or – even more creatively – as the star of our fruity red mocktail, which has what it takes to be the star of any garden party. Especially when topped off with the woody, spicy flavour of dried rosemary.

Mocktails Watermelon
Mocktails Pineapple

The tropical one: Iced Pineapple Mocktail

Everything that tastes like a holiday goes into this: bananas, mango, coconut and ice-cold pineapple. Properly mixed and refined with a pinch of our fine Bourbon vanilla, the result is a creamy drink that is served on ice. Garnish like in an exotic beach bar!

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