Paprikapflanze wird gehalten

Superb quality and safety are what we are all about

Food safety and quality are our top priorities — we work hard every day to ensure that we deliver on them, without any compromises.

Pure and natural

Our natural herbs and spices do not require any artificial dyes or artificial aromas to develop their intense taste, natural color and typical smell, and they certainly do not require any added flavor enhancers.

Qualitaet Oregano

Pure and natural

We believe that the quality of the raw materials we use is a crucial factor in producing high-quality products. Quality starts with selecting the best suppliers of raw materials. A strict procedure for selecting and approving new suppliers and long-standing partnerships are the best foundation for cooperation we can trust. Our strategy includes nurturing relations with our suppliers through regular on-site audits and any corrections that result from these audits. Sustainability is an important criterion at every stage of the procurement process.

When it comes to quality, we leave nothing to chance

We carry out checks to rule out the presence of pesticide residues and contaminants. We attach great importance to sourcing our goods from regions that are as unpolluted as possible. Our raw materials undergo comprehensive microbiological tests; in some cases we steam them to sterilize them, based on an assessment of the risks. Our decades of experience are indispensable when it comes to assessing the our raw materials from a sensory perspective. We smell them, taste them, feel them and assess their visual appearance on the basis of representative samples provided in advance. Raw materials that do not meet our requirements are not delivered, which saves the unnecessary environmental pollution that would result from a wasted trip.

All incoming raw materials are tested both internally and by an external accredited testing laboratory on the basis of our strict quality requirements.

Qualitaet Verpflichtet Gefaess Glas

Your trust is in our hands

We check the purity of the goods when they reach us in order to rule out the presence of unwanted additions such as olive leaves in oregano. We have scrutinized our supply chain to identify food fraud risks. We carry out chemical tests to determine essential oil content. These depend on a variety of factors, including the geographical origin, the variety and the production process. We set strict quality criteria because we know that a high essential oil content means a more intense flavor. Our quality standards also rule out the use of genetically modified foodstuffs in our products; to the maximum extent possible, we only use natural raw materials.

Certified by state-authorized bodies

When we promise top quality, we always keep our word. Our company-wide quality and food safety management system is based on food industry requirements as well as high-level requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and IFS Food 6.1. Part of our range is certified organic in accordance with Regulation (EU) no. 2018/848.