Our flavors have a long history

Kotányi has been a purveyor of fine herbs and spices since 1881.

Quality from Wolkersdorf

We offer a unique range of products from all around the world, including 4500 seasoning products that help you add great flavors to your food.

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With over 600 members of staff, we work hard every day to create a range of beautiful spices that add irresistible flavor to your food. Our secret ingredients of passion and teamwork are what makes each product so unique.

From Austria to the Mediterranean and beyond

Von Oesterreichisch Ueber Mediterran Bis Exotisch

Lose yourself in a world of flavor with Kotányi. Since the company was first established, we’ve been using our expertise to set food trends, inspire cooks and shape the culinary zeitgeist. Kotányi is a family business steeped in Austrian tradition, and as a leading international herb and spice brand, we intend to continue our impressive track record into the future. Because our innovation shapes your enjoyment.

Quality always comes first

There’s nothing quite like the wonderful flavors of natural herbs and spices. Here at Kotányi, we handle all our spices with the utmost care so that we can create high-quality products, and our quality concept makes sure all our raw materials and products have the same outstanding quality. For us, that’s the ultimate recipe for success.

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An international outlook is the key to success

We decided at an early stage that our company would take an open-minded, international approach to business. This outlook has allowed us to sell our products in many countries around the world.

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Making history for more than 140 years

In 1881, Janos Kotányi possessed three key things: a pioneering spirit, passion and his first paprika mill. And this is what he used to lay the foundations upon which leading international brand Kotányi—currently run by the fourth generation of the family—has built its success.

ursprüngliche Kotányi Fabrik in UngarnJános Kotányi

Sustainable by conviction

A commitment to sustainability is an integral part of all the processes carried out within our company: from raw materials to packaging to finished products, we help make the environment a little bit better every day.

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