Wok Seasoning Mix

Packaging sizes

  • Tin 400ccm
Home cooking

Authentic Chinese flavors for the kitchen: Wok seasoning mix from Kotányi Gourmet — a delicious blend of the finest spices and vegetables, for wok-fried dishes.


Kotányi Wok is perfect for wok-fried dishes — add soy sauce or cashew nuts for an extra burst of flavor.


Iodized sea salt (sea salt, potassium iodate), brown sugar (sugar, sugar cane syrup, caramelized sugar syrup), garlic, paprika, ginger, onion, mix of herbs and vegetables (carrots, parsnips, parsley, onion), turmeric, fenugreek, porcini mushroom granules, lemon powder (maltodextrin, dried fruit powder), orange powder (maltodextrin, dried fruit powder), canola oil, pea fiber, lemongrass