Vanillin Sugar

Packaging sizes

  • Tin 400ccm
  • Tin 1200ccm
  • Bag 1kg

Premium sugar from Kotányi Gourmet: Sugar with added vanillin, for a rich taste sensation. A popular substitute for real vanilla.

Now in 100% rePET Packaging


Intense vanilla taste


Kotányi Vanillin Sugar can be used in sweet foods such as cakes, tarts, baked goods, mousses and all kinds of desserts.


Sugar, flavoring: vanillin

Now in 100% rePET Packaging

With our new rePET packaging for all tins starting at 400ccm, we are taking an important step towards sustainability. Unlike PET, rePET can be recycled and reused. By switching the packaging of our herbs and spices to 100% rePET, we save around 155 tons of plastic per year.
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