Herb Butter Seasoning Mix

Packaging sizes

  • Tin 1200ccm
Home cooking

Perfect anytime - with the finest herbs and spices, for exceptional herb butter. The seasoning mix for perfect dips and spreads. A classic from Kotányi Gourmet.


Mild and spicy


A great way to add zing to herb butter dips, sautéed meat, fish dishes, buttered noodles, fried potatoes, soups and much more.


Iodized table salt (table salt, potassium iodide), onion, pepper, garlic, mustard seeds, parsley, lemon powder (maltodextrin, dried fruit powder), herb and vegetable mix (parsley, chives, paprika, leeks, onion, celery leaves, parsnips, dill fronds, carrots, lovage), chives, lovage, dill fronds

Allergen notice

Allergens: Cellery, Mustard