Goulash Base

Packaging sizes

  • Tin 1200ccm

Perfect for when you're in a rush: Base Goulash from Kotányi Gourmet is a delicious alternative to fresh-cooked goulash.


Base Goulash seasoning mix from Kotányi Gourmet is perfect for when you want all the flavor of a classic goulash but just don't have the time. Great for beef goulash.


Fried onions (onion, sunflower oil), paprika, wheat flour, potato starch, flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate, iodized table salt (table salt, potassium iodide), hydrolyzed vegetable protein (rape and maize), caraway, marjoram, natural flavorings, maize germ oil

Allergen notice

Allergens: Monosodium glutamate