Goose and Duck Seasoning Mix

Packaging sizes

  • Tin 400ccm

Crispy, glazed skin and the natural flavor of the meat. That's why chefs swear by this seasoning mix from Kotányi Gourmet, created especially for poultry.


Sweet and crispy


Kotányi Goose and Duck is the perfect seasoning for cooking goose, duck or other types of poultry with skin, as well as other dishes such as Schweinsmaise.


Iodized sea salt (sea salt, potassium iodate), sugar, paprika, ginger, natural flavoring (contains celery and soy), bay leaves, honey powder (glucose syrup, dried honey powder, fructose), pepper, marjoram, pea fiber, cinnamon, rosemary

Allergen notice

Allergens: Mustard, Soy