The history of the Austrian family company Kotányi begins with the curious, young man Janos Kotányi. Already as a child, he dreamed of exploring distant lands and loved to travel around the world, at least in his mind. This developed into a desire to bring exotic herbs and spices to the kitchens of his homeland.



In 1881, Janos Kotányi began operating his first paprika mill in his Hungarian hometown of Szeged. He grew his own peppers for drying and milling into paprika, according to his own personal recipe – a recipe that quickly took Vienna by storm.

In 1884, he opened his first shop in the Vienna district of Döbling and was soon named a supplier to the Austrian imperial household. The rapid economic growth of the 1920s and Kotányi’s unquenchable desire to learn more about flavours, aromas and the right spices helped the company grow even faster.

Janos invested wisely with an eye on the future. In addition to his existing paprika mill, he added a spice mill to increase production. The company the continued to expand steadily as new markets opened up and numerous product innovations were developed.

Janos’ dream of the spice trade is continued to this day by Erwin, the fourth generation of the Kotányi family to run the business. The Kotányi has since become one of the top brands in more than twenty countries and the market leader in Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Moscow. A passionate enthusiasm for the colourful world of spices, high quality standards, innovative ideas and a good sense for customer needs and trends are still the recipe behind the success of the Austrian family company, which employs 500 people.

In 1989, the corporate headquarters were moved from Vienna to Wolkersdorf in Lower Austria. From there, all international markets are supplied with some 350 different herbs and spices and over 240 spice blends. The high quality products from Kotányi can now be purchased in many countries around the world. They can be found in the pantries of show kitchens in China, on the spice rack of a hotel chef in Slovenia or at home in your own kitchen in Austria. Janos’ dream of bringing the world the spices needed to keep local culinary traditions alive has been fulfilled.

The path that Janos Kotányi started in 1881 with his paprika mill has become the foundation for a range of products that have inspired the generations to fall in love with the wide variety of spices in the world. Kotányi has enjoyed long-term success throughout the company’s history. What started out with a single paprika mill and deliveries to fine Viennese society has continued to experience steady growth in a global market.