Tarragon, Crushed

Our cure for culinary boredom: Kotányi Tarragon has a bitter and peppery taste that works best combined with the acidity of vinegar, mustard, wine or lemon juice.

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Spice up your life

The slightly herby, somewhat bitter flavor of tarragon with subtle undertones of anise makes it the perfect flavor for sauces, salads, fish, poultry, soups, butter, mushrooms, vegetables and traditional French cuisine.

Unlocking the full aroma of tarragon

Tarragon does not lose its flavor when exposed to heat, so the herb can be added early on in the cooking process. To bring out the full spectrum of flavor in tarragon, combine with acidic ingredients. The flavors come out best with vinegar, mustard, wine or lemon juice.

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Difference you can taste

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Tarragon is perfect for fine French cuisine. To make sure you can get authentic Parisian flavors in your kitchen, we carry out strict quality checks on every delivery of tarragon that arrives at our Wolkersdorf plant.