Organic Chives, Chopped

Organic Chives from Kotányi have a fresh and aromatic flavor that's similar to onion, only much milder and more delicate.

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The familiar flavors of Austria

The delicate aroma of chives is well-suited to soups, stews, sauces, meat and vegetable dishes, spreads and salads. Their distinctive flavor and appetizing appearance make them a wonderful addition to German and Austrian dishes.

Save the best for last

For a beautiful finish, just add a sprinkling of chives. Chives lose their flavor if they are cooked for too long, so should only be added shortly before serving.
Teg wird von zwei Händen gezogenSchnittlauch mit Blüten auf Mamor-Arbeitsfläche

See and taste how much we care

belegtes Brot mit Schnittlauch garniert
Chives from Kotányi are chopped into uniformly sized pieces and meticulously dried for a vibrant green color. This natural product is handled with the utmost of care in order to preserve as much of the flavor as possible.