Fennel, Whole

Loved by the most experienced chefs. With sweet and aromatic notes and an anise-like flavor, Kotányi Fennel makes a wonderful addition to many dishes.

Gewuerze Muster beige braun Bg

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Superior seeds

The intensely aromatic and slightly sweet flavor of fennel beautifully enhances baked goods, cakes and spicy foods. Fennel seeds add an unmistakable aroma to curries, meat dishes, vegetables, pork and sauces.

Release the full flavor of fennel

To get the truly wonderful flavor of fennel, pound it gently with a pestle and mortar and briefly toast it in a dry pan. The beautiful, slightly sweet aroma will fill your kitchen and infuse your culinary creations.

Brotstück, das mit Aufstrich bestrichen wirdin einer Schüssel liegende Fenchelsamen

The greener the fennel, the greater the aroma

aufeinander liegende Brotlaibe

As a general rule, fennel seeds that are darker green in color with have a much better quality. We carry out strict quality checks on every single one of our deliveries to ensure that the herbs and spices we offer meet the highest possible standards of flavor.